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Shurjoint celebrates 50 years of service

Shurjoint, founded in 1974, has become a global leader in grooved mechanical couplings and piping components. With over 5,000 products catering to various materials and sizes, Shurjoint focuses on delivering top-quality solutions worldwide.

As part of Aalberts integrated piping systems, Shurjoint expands its global influence and product range, offering cutting-edge technology solutions for piping systems. The Aalberts IPS Design Service® provides tailored solutions through digital tools and expert advice, ensuring optimal system design and installation.

Recognizing its success over 50 years, Shurjoint attributes it to the support of associates, customers, and end users. Committed to innovation and quality, Shurjoint aims to remain a leader in mechanical piping components for decades to come.

In an industry emphasizing precision and sustainability, with Shurjoint, Aalberts integrated piping systems aims to continue innovating, serving global customers with unparalleled solutions.

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