VSH Shurjoint AWWA

Shurjoint offers a variety of grooved mechanical couplings and fittings for AWWA ductile iron pipe in sizes 3” to 24”. The Shurjoint coupling features a two-piece housing and GapSeal gasket for a leak tight seal. Ductile iron pipe shall be cut-grooved to AWWA C606 Table 2 and Table 3 – Radius Cut Groove Specifications.
Rubber gaskets are specially compounded to seal on ductile iron surfaces and are available in three grades to meet your service requirement needs.


Shurjoint AWWA grooved end fittings are supplied with rigid radius grooves as per ANSI / AWWA C606. The fittings also conform to ANSI A21.10 / AWWA C110 for center to end (C to E) dimensions and AWWA C153 or ANSI A21.10 / AWWA C110 for wall thickness. Pressure ratings are 500 psi (35 Bar). Fittings are supplied painted black. Other surface finish options including ‘non-coated’ and cement/mortar lining Type II are available on request.