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SS-59 Stainless Steel Groove x Thread NIPPLE

Stainless Steel Grooved End Fittings

Introduction of the Pre-lubricated Gasket

Shurjoint 550H and EHC Lubricant TDS

725G / 725F Suction Diffuser

49 / C49 / A49 Sandwich Plate

95 / 96 / GR600 / SJTAPE Pipe Rule

A10 / A11 / A20 / A60 AWWA Grooved End Fitting

A10R / A25 / A50 AWWA Grooved End Fitting

Z07 Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling

Z07N Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling

7771 Standard Rigid Coupling

7771-T IPS-JIS Transition Coupling

XH-1000 Extra Heavy Rigid Coupling

7705 Standard Flexible Coupling

7707 Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling

7707A Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling

7707L Large Diameter Coupling

7707N Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling

7041 Flange Adapter ANSI Class 125/150

7041 Flange Adapter BS 10-E

7041 Flange Adapter PN10/16

7043 Flange Adapter ANSI Class 300

7110-B Elbow with Base Support

7110DR Drain Elbow / 7125 Bullhead Tee / 7127 Standpipe Tee

7110LR 7111LR Elbow / 7137 True-Y

7114 Hydrant Elbow / 7122 Hydrant Tee

7120 Tee / 7130 Lateral / 7135 Cross

7121 7121F 7121M Reducing Tee

7150F Red. Socket / 7150M Red. Nipple / 55 Adapter Nipple

7180 Universal Flange Adapter

7181 Universal Reducing Flange Adapter

7721 Mechanical Tee (Female Threaded Outlet)

7722 Mechanical Tee (Grooved End Outlet)

79 Wildcat Coupling

M21 Mechanical Tee (Female Threaded Outlet)

M22 Mechanical Tee (Grooved End Outlet)

A505 AWWA Grooved Coupling

A507 AWWA Transition Coupling

A512 AWWA Flange Adapter

End Protection “EP” Fitting

S35 Shouldered Flexible Coupling

SD-28A Shouldered Toggle Coupling

SS-1200 Stainless Steel High Pressure Flexible Coupling

SS-28 Stainless Steel Hinged Lever Coupling

SS-41 Stainless Steel Flange Adapter ANSI Class 125/150

SS-723 Stainless Steel Mechanical Tee

SS-5 Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling

SS-7 Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling

SS-7X Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling

SS-8 Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling

SS-8X Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling

Wrought Steel Grooved End Fitting

XH-70EP Extra Heavy Rigid Coupling

H305 HDPE Coupling

H305 ISO HDPE Coupling

H307 HDPE Transition Coupling

H307 ISO HDPE Transition Coupling

H312 HDPE Flange Adapter

H312 ISO HDPE Flange Adapter

RH-1000 1000 psi Ring Joint Coupling

RX-3770 3770 psi Ring Joint Coupling

RX-3000 3000 psi Ring Joint Coupling

830 Brass Seat Union

841 Companion Flange

SS-80 Stainless Steel Universal Flange Adapter

SS-21 SS-21F SS-50 SS-50F Stainless Steel Fitting

SS-10 SS-11 SS-20 SS-60 Stainless Steel Fitting

Grooved Fitting for CTS

C306 Reducing Coupling

C307 Transition Coupling

C723 Bronze Mechanical Tee

SJ-C300 Butterfly Valve

Ring Joint Fitting

SS-726 Stainless Steel Y-Strainer

SJ-200 Low-Profile Butterfly Valve

SJ-400 Butterfly Valve

SJ-530 Three-Port Ball Valve

SJ-600 Ball Valve

SJ-630 Three-Port Ball Valve

SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 2.5″ thru 12″

SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 14″ thru 24″

SJ-930 Horizontal Swing Check Valve

R-88 Ring Joint Coupling

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