Suhua tunnel

Suhua tunnel

This Suhua Highway improvement project is a major highway project in northeast Taiwan to improve and bypass dangerous sections of the Suhua Highway, part of Provincial Highway 9. The Suhua Highway is the main road connecting the Taiwanese communities of Su’ao and Hualien, and a portion of it is built alongside very steep cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean. Because of the rugged terrain, the road is often closed due to heavy rain, typhoons, or landslides, leading to injuries and deaths. Section B’s overall length is around 20 kilometers, including 13.1 kilometers of tunnels, 4 kilometers of bridges, and 2.9 kilometers of road embankment. Shurjoint model #SS-723 and stainless steel grooved fittings are used for tunnel fire suppression systems.




Su’ao/Hualien, Taiwan

CECI and Snotech

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