H-Park Hilversum

H-Park Hilversum

In Hilversum (NL) old industrial buildings are in two years’ time converted into a modern residential and business estate. Coming end 2019 H-Park offers, amongst others 7000 M² office space, 42 working/housing units and 18 working units.

For these ‘buildings of the future’, a ground-coupled heat exchanger (GCHE) system has been chosen. As the material must be resistant to heat and cooling, one should think that using a copper or stainless steel system would be obvious. However, advised by VSH, installer BLR-Bimon has looked into the thick-walled VSH PowerPress® system for small sizes in combination with the groove system VSH Shurjoint for large sizes.

Together with the team of Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Design Service®, BLRBimon has calculated when the transition from press to groove should be made. In the end, the use of these two VSH systems has ensured a tremendous time saving compared to fit system and has gained a financial advantage over the use of a copper or stainless steel system




Hilversum, the Netherlands

BLR-Bimon B.V., Montfoort