residential construction

Our piping systems are ideal for residential construction. Thanks to the many possible applications, the systems are easy to apply in large and small scale (residential) construction projects. Whether it is heating, cooling, drinking water or gas systems or automatic extinguishing systems, we always have a system at your disposal. new construction and renovation

The recirculating and distributing pipeline in a building convey fluid to heat, cool, or perform some other services using the energy from  a pump, boiler, or compressor. The basic systems include steam, condenser water, chilled water, hot water and compressed air.

With four decades of experience Shurjoint is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical piping components. With an offering of over 3,000 individual piping components in sizes from ½” to 96” (15mm-2400mm) in a variety of materials,

Shurjoint can meet your building service requirements. Whether your needs relate to HVAC or comfort piping, plumbing and or potable water or fire protection, Shurjoint has the products and solutions, including Grooved, Threaded, Hole-cut, Ring Joint, and Plain-end Fittings, Couplings and Flow control components. Connect with the best!

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