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Combined Shape


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VSH Shurjoint bolt and nut

VSH Shurjoint bolt and nut

group: STB

VSH Shurjoint grooved pipe systems consist of a wide range of groove couplings, fittings and valves for heating, compressed air and industry. VSH Shurjoint is less labor intensive, safer, cleaner and delivers consistent connection quality.

  • VSH Shurjoint can be perfectly combined with other VSH systems such as VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress and VSH PowerPress
  • the 'Aalberts integrated piping systems' range covers a fully integrated system from 6 mm to 104 ”


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code size weight dimensions packaging gtin
STB004075 0.17 kg
STB005075 0.17 kg
STB006090 0.29 kg
STB007100 0.48 kg
STB008114 0.65 kg
STB008140 1.11 kg
STB009140 1.07 kg
STB013045 0.04 kg
STB013055 0.05 kg
STB013070 0.05 kg
STB014060 0.09 kg
STB014075 0.1 kg
STB015070 0.17 kg
STB015090 0.19 kg
STB015135 0.25 kg
STB016120 0.37 kg
STB017100 0.47 kg
STB017140 0.57 kg
STB017165 0.63 kg
STB018090 0.63 kg
STB018140 0.79 kg
STB018165 0.88 kg
STB018590 2.36 kg
STB023045 0.04 kg
STB023055 0.05 kg
STB023070 0.05 kg
STB024060 0.09 kg
STB024075 0.1 kg
STB025090 0.19 kg
STB025135 0.25 kg
STB027165 0.63 kg
STB043055 0.04 kg
STB043070 0.05 kg
STB044060 0.11 kg
STB044075 0.11 kg
STB047165 0.66 kg
STB051055 0.05 kg
STB051070 0.06 kg
STB051275 0.1 kg
STB051689 0.19 kg
STB051690 0.25 kg
STB160338 0.02 kg
STB163070 0.05 kg
STB165090 0.21 kg
STB167165 0.66 kg
STB164075 0.11 kg
STB163055 0.04 kg
color silver
manufacturer Shurjoint
product group fittings (accessories (fittings))
country of origin Taiwan
brand VSH
series Shurjoint
type STB

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