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VSH Shurjoint mechanical tee (1 x female thread), EPDM gasket

VSH Shurjoint mechanical tee (1 x female thread), EPDM gasket


M21E is the designation for model M21 with a Grade E EPDM gasket. The VSH Shurjoint Model M21 features an advanced design and when mounted on hole cut pipe the Model M21 provides a fast and easy mid-pipe threaded branch outlet. Threads are NPT per ANSI B1.20 or BSPT per ISO 7. By utilizing the Model M21 you can eliminate the need for welding or the use of multiple fittings. The M21 Mechanical Tee is com­prised of upper and lower ductile iron housing segments, a grade “E” EPDM rubber gasket (Model M21 & M22 gaskets are interchangeable) and plated track bolts and nuts.

Mechanical tees are supplied with our standard painted finishes, i.e. orange or red. Optional finishes such as hot dipped zinc galvanized and custom epoxy coatings are also available.


code size weight dimensions packaging gtin
10M212012002 1.24 kg 81x116x102 mm
10M212015002 1.37 kg 81x116x102 mm
10M212507001 1.24 kg 81x141x114 mm
10M212515002 1.57 kg 94x141x121 mm
10M213015003 1.88 kg 94x157x142 mm
10M213020002 2.06 kg 108x157x142 mm
10M214515002 1.82 kg 102x183x159 mm
10M214520002 2.3 kg 102x183x168 mm
10M216512001 2.91 kg 92x251x225 mm
10M216515001 2.99 kg 92x251x225 mm
art. No size d1 DN1 l1 d2 DN2
10M212012002 42.2 DN32 73 60.3 DN50
10M212015002 48.3 DN40 76 60.3 DN50
10M212507001 26.7 DN20 70 73.0 DN65
10M212515002 48.3 DN40 76 73.0 DN65
10M213015003 48.3 DN40 89 88.9 DN80
10M213020002 60.3 DN50 89 88.9 DN80
10M214515002 48.3 DN40 92 114.3 DN100
10M214520002 60.3 DN50 102 114.3 DN100
10M216512001 42.2 DN32 130 168.3 DN150
10M216515001 48.3 DN40 130 168.3 DN150
see above for the diagram with these dimensions.
color silver, red, orange
materials cast iron (ASTM A536 65-45-12)
finishing galvanised, varnished
manufacturer Shurjoint
connection type hole
product group fittings
ETIM class EC011014 Broaching saddle
country of origin Taiwan
brand VSH
series Shurjoint
type M21E
label value
ETIM class EC011014 Broaching saddle
Material Cast iron
Min. medium temperature (continuous) -34°C
Min. medium temperature (continuous) (imperial) -29.2°F
Max. medium temperature (continuous) 110°C
Max. medium temperature (continuous) (imperial) 230°F
VdS quality mark No
KIWA certified No
Gastec QA mark No

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