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VSH Shurjoint flange adapter for copper tubing (groove x flange)

VSH Shurjoint flange adapter for copper tubing (groove x flange)


The Model C341 Flange allows for the direct connection of grooved-end copper tubing with ANSI class 125/150 (steel) or ASME B16.24 (copper) class 150 flanged components without the need for heat or lead.  Available in sizes 2” – 6” (50 mm – 150 mm) the Model C341 is supplied hinged as a single assembly with a set of hex-head bolt and nut and a pressure responsive gasket. The pressure responsive gasket seals on the outside diameter of the copper tubing and isolates the flange segments from the internal fluid. Pressure rating: up to 300 psi (20 bar) depending on the size and type of copper tubing being used.


potable water heating cooling compressed air


building installations industry


code size weight dimensions packaging gtin
1C3410020002 54 (2) Epoxy Gold 2.1 kg 19x152x152 mm
1C3410025002 66.7 (2.5) Epoxy Gold 3 kg 22x178x178 mm
1C3410030002 79.4 (3) Epoxy Gold 3.45 kg 24x190x190 mm
1C3410045002 104.8 (4) Epoxy Gold 4.34 kg 24x229x229 mm
1C3410055002 130.2 (5) Epoxy Gold 5.76 kg 24x254x254 mm
1C3410065002 155.6 (6) Epoxy Gold 6.17 kg 25x279x279 mm
art. No size d1 DN1 l1 d2 DN2 l2 n2 k2 d2-2 D2
1C3410020002 54 (2) Epoxy Gold 54.0 DN50 10 54.0 DN50 10 4 120.5 19 152
1C3410025002 66.7 (2.5) Epoxy Gold 66.7 DN65 11 66.7 DN65 11 4 139.5 19 178
1C3410030002 79.4 (3) Epoxy Gold 79.4 DN80 12 79.4 DN80 12 4 152.5 19 190
1C3410045002 104.8 (4) Epoxy Gold 104.8 DN100 12 104.8 DN100 12 8 190.5 19 229
1C3410055002 130.2 (5) Epoxy Gold 130.2 DN125 12 130.2 DN125 12 8 216 22 254
1C3410065002 155.6 (6) Epoxy Gold 155.6 DN150 13 155.6 DN150 13 8 241.5 22 279
see above for the diagram with these dimensions.
color bronze
materials cast iron (ASTM A536 65-45-12)
finishing varnished
manufacturer Shurjoint
connection type groove (coupling), flange
pressure rating (PN) PN 20
sealing EPDM
product group fittings (demountable)
ETIM class EC003024 Fitting with 2 connections
country of origin Taiwan
brand VSH
series Shurjoint Copper
type C341
label value
ETIM class EC003024 Fitting with 2 connections
Material connection 1 Cast iron
Surface protection connection 1 Lacquered
Material connection 2 Cast iron
Surface protection connection 2 Lacquered
Shape Straight
Model 2-part
Reducing No
Eccentric No
System specific No
Connection 1 Ribbing groove (groove coupling)
Connection 2 Flange
Main colour fitting Bronze
Flange standard ANSI
Material sealing Ethylene-propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM)
With buffer stud No
Max. operating pressure at 20 °C 20bar
Max. operating pressure at 20 °C (imperial) 290.08psi
With thermal insulation No
With sealing rings/gaskets No
Capped No
With connection indicator No
With drain valve No
With de-aerator No
FM quality mark No
LPCB quality mark No
ULC quality mark No
UL quality mark No
VdS quality mark No
DVGW quality mark for gas No
DVGW quality mark for water No
Certified according to NF 545 No
KIWA certified No
Gastec QA mark No
KOMO certified No

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