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141.3 (5) #7043 Flange A300 E Blk

141.3 (5) #7043 Flange A300 E Blk


type 7043E

7043E is the designation for model 7043 with a Grade E EPDM gasket. The VSH Shurjoint Model 7043 flange adapter allows for a direct connection with ANSI Class 300 flanges. The specially designed gasket enables the transition from a grooved system to a flanged system or component with this single flange. 2” through 8” Model 7043 flange adapters are supplied hinged as a single assembly, while larger sizes are supplied with separate segments. The Model 7043 flange adapters are comprised of two identical ductile iron segments complete with an EPDM gasket and two pairs of bolts and nuts. The flange segments are painted black.

The Model 7043 flange adapter has been designed with small projections on the outside face of the flange for mating with 1.6 mm raised face flanges. For mating with flat-face flanges these projections must be removed, this can be accomplished with a grinder or other tool.


color black
materials cast iron (ASTM A536 65-45-12)
finishing varnished
manufacturer Shurjoint
shape straight
connection type groove (coupling), flange
sealing EPDM

product info

item VSH Shurjoint ANSI 300 flange adapter 141.3 (5) black
item number 1043A0055001
product number 1043A0055001
item group 7043E - VSH Shurjoint A300 flange adapter, EPDM gasket
size 141.3 (DN125) A300 black
weight 9.63 kg
dimensions 37x279x279 mm


product group fittings
country of origin Taiwan
brand VSH
series Shurjoint
type 7043E


min. medium temperature -34 °C
max medium temperature 110 °C
label value
d1 141.3
DN1 DN125
l1 37
d2 141.3
DN2 DN125
n2 8
k2 216
d2-2 22
D2 235
see above for the diagram with these dimensions.
label value